Category: Picture Books

  • Listen to the Wind

    Author: Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth

  • Mirror

    Author: Jeannie Baker

  • Cinderella

    Author: Fawzia Gilani “It’s easy to feel a sense of peace after completing Fawzia Gilani’s Cinderella. This humble version of the classic fairy tale is a gentle reminder that victory comes as much from a peaceful soul as a beautiful dress and a dramatic confrontation.” – Luxury Reading Cinderella is one of the oldest, best-known, and most […]

  • Ahmed and the Feather Girl

    Ahmed and the Feather Girl Book Cover

    Ahmed is a poor orphan boy who lives with a travelling circus, working for cruel Madame Saleem, the circus-owner. But his life is changed when he finds a beautiful egg in the forest, and brings it back to the circus. From the egg hatches a child, a little girl called Aurelia, a child who, as […]