• John Siddique

    Date: March 2014

    John Siddique is a world class poet. He is currently Royal Literary Fund Fellow at York St John University, has worked in Los Angeles for the British Council and has been poet for the city of Blackpool. He freely admits to finding his voice through his local public library. What a message for our children.

  • Shaharyar Khan

    Date: July 2013

    Shaharyar is a distinguished diplomat, sports administrator and author. He served as Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan and has been the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Rwanda. He was also president of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

  • Qaisra Shahraz

    Date: May 2013

    Qaisra is a British Pakistani author of 3 novels. ‘The Holy Woman’, ‘Typhoon’ and ‘Revolt’. She is also a scriptwriter and works in adult education and as an OFSTED inspector. Her work has garnered a devoted following around the world with its focus on the lives of Pakistani women across the diaspora.

  • Kristiane Backer – ‘From MTV to Mecca’

    Date: March 2013

    Kristiane was one of the first MTV Europe presenters. She mixed at the top of the celebrity music scene in the early to mid-1990’s. She steadily became disenchanted with her life and began to explore other spiritual avenues which led to a chance meeting with the cricketer Imran Khan. She has continued to work as a journalist and presenter living in the UK, promoting the values of her Islamic faith.