Kristiane Backer – ‘From MTV to Mecca’

Date: March 2013

Kristiane was one of the first MTV Europe presenters. She mixed at the top of the celebrity music scene in the early to mid-1990’s. She steadily became disenchanted with her life and began to explore other spiritual avenues which led to a chance meeting with the cricketer Imran Khan. She has continued to work as a journalist and presenter living in the UK, promoting the values of her Islamic faith.

Kristiane dazzled an audience of 150 (half of whom were parents) at a regenerated local mill complex with her 20 year spiritual journey. From the Rolling Stones to her conversion to Islam after meeting cricketer Imran Khan. She related a fascinating and varied journey through the contemporary Islamic world for half an hour and then took many questions from an excited audience for 15 minutes. A book signing session followed where a mixed group of parents, teachers, students and members of the public engaged Kristiane whilst purchasing copies of her book.

The event was attended by 3 local headteachers as well as literacy coordinators who were impressed with the impact on the audience. The purpose of Kahani was explained to the audience at the beginning and end of the event. Over 50 people filled out contact sheets giving positive feedback about the project and how they would like to contribute as reading volunteers, had suggestions for further authors, could establish a writing competition and many other ideas.

There was delight at the sheer variety and quality of the reading resources that support the project. Many parents took the opportunity to purchase books to share with their children and avail themselves of gems for their own reading that were completely new to them.

A great start to the Kahani project.