Let’s get reading!

Kahani is an innovative reading project designed to embed a culture of reading in English amongst Muslim and Pakistani communities in the UK.

Over 300 specially selected beautiful books are used with young people and families to inspire a love of reading.

Combined with authors and artists/illustrators that speak to their experience, this is a package that provides a refreshing alternative to stimulate a lifelong passion for books.

It fundamentally addresses the below average educational attainment from these communities. Parents and adults are encouraged to become reading role models for their children and young people.

Kahani builds a network through introducing children and families to amazing reading material and authors/artists into their schools and localities.

It’s about liberating the imagination of young people and their families to begin their own journeys of expression and achievement. To foster shared cross cultural narratives and raise the self esteem of children in their own literary heritage.

Children will respond to books and literature where they recognise a positive representation of themselves.

It provides a platform for wider understanding and dialogue between communities.

It is incumbent on Muslims to seek knowledge for the whole of their lives. The first words related to the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) from the Angel Gabriel were ‘Iqra’. ‘Read. Read in the name of your Lord’.