An imaginative use of social media shows how this relationship can be maintained without significant cost.

These events will also provide a platform for wider understanding and dialogue. Hearing other voices but in an imaginative, safe space will spark conversations and elevate a shared purpose. Raising the level of debate will also ultimately lead to an informed and confident UK diaspora community having a profound effect on Pakistan through cultural and artistic exchange, business investment, as well as through educational, health and social policy.

In the wake of 9/11 & 7/7, Pakistani and Muslim communities in the UK have already demonstrated a profound sense of social responsibility and met evolving challenges in a direct and creative fashion. There is an urgent desire to shape our shared home, but in a manner that unifies and celebrates through understanding and respect. Whether this be an appreciation of Islamic fashion, entrepreneurial zeal or a desire for social justice.

Parents will engage with their child’s education and the governance of the education system in a diverse and inclusive manner. The project embraces the global and historic diversity of Muslim experience.

Good practice for one community benefits the whole school family. These lessons should be applied to other groups who are underachieving such as eastern European, black and white working class communities.

Many of the elements of Kahani were piloted in ‘Arooj’ a project based in Leeds which Aamir Darr (the founder of Kahani) helped to initiate and develop in 2009. There have been many positive measurable outcomes from both Arooj and Kahani.